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SQL | Compare timestamp with date only Timestamp holds Date and Time both with 19 characters. To filter table record with the only date parameter can be achieved by SQL DATE() function. Consider the Employee table …

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SQL | Timestamp in where clause to select the date range Select date range from the timestamp column with where clause can be done by using the BETWEEN operator. BETWEEN Operator : The BETWEEN operator selects …

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SQL | Foreign Key A foreign key is a key used to link two tables.    A Primary key of a table is used as a foreign key for the other table. The primary key …

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SQL | View View in SQL is a kind of virtual table. It does not physical exists in our database but have rows and column as there we have in a real database table. we …

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SQL | Difference between primary key and unique constraints There is only one primary key in a table. It creates the clustered index automatically and it cannot have NULL value whereas there can be multiple …

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SQL | LIKE operator The LIKE operator of SQL is used for such kind of operations. It is used to fetch filtered data by searching for a particular pattern in where clause.   The Syntax for …

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SQL | difference between BETWEEN and IN operator The BETWEEN operator selects all records between the given range whereas IN operator selects all matching records given with the WHERE clause.   BETWEEN operator The Between operator in …

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By using following query we can find out the nth largest salary from employees table. SELECT salary FROM `employees` ORDER BY salary DESC LIMIT 1 OFFSET n-1 In the above query n is replaced by …

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SQL Update statement The UPDATE statement is used to update the records of an existing table in a database. We can update single as well as multiple columns using SQL update statement. The basic syntax …

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OPTIMIZE command is use for optimize a table. OPTIMIZE TABLE `users`  

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